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"How To Be The Machine Behind Your Marketing"

Tuesday 4th October, 7pm-8pm + Q&A



My name's Andy Rao. Give me just 60 minutes and I'll share with you ten simple steps to better handling the overwhelm of growing a business.

Join me on Zoom for this brand new seminar. It will be your step-by-step guide to increasing your energy, focus and confidence and getting more of the right sh*t done in less time.

So if you know that your mojo isn't in the best place to push your business forward as much it should be, register for free TODAY!

100% live, no BS and no 'Death by PowerPoint'!

100% FREE. No credit card required.

This LIVE marketing & mindset masterclass is tailor-made for ambitious "solopreneurs". Over 25 years' experience condensed into one 60-minute seminar....

As the co-founder of leading marketing agency, Codebreak, I love getting more customers for businesses just like yours. But my business partner, Joel, and I realised that you could have the best marketing strategy in the world... if you haven’t got the mindset to drive it all, you won’t reach your full potential.

This FREE masterclass will teach you easy-to-follow techniques I’ve learned over the years to bullet-proof your mindset. Simple steps to taking back control, which leads to being more valued... and getting more customers. So stop "thinking about it" and register today! 

No more having your time wasted. No more feeling 'meh'. No more dealing with d*ckheads.

100% FREE. No credit card required.

Protect your energy

Learn how to put on your own oxygen mask first. When you look after your energy rather than letting other people and £10 per hour tasks consume it, so much pain goes away!

You’ll also bag some easy wins to structuring your day better, which allows you to get more income-generating tasks done, and more fun stuff done.

It's about focusing your attention on the right places. Where your attention goes, your energy flows.

Attract more of the right people, more of the time. The people who'll be a pleasure to help. The ones you want to work with. 

Raise your profile

Get recognised as the go-to person in your industry... someone who truly knows their stuff. Imagine you being seen as the expert rather than that annoying competitor down the road!

When you're perceived as an authority rather than any ol' business owner, you can better serve people as well as increase your fees.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled in the masterclass. We'll be offering amazing freebies to outshine your competitors overnight. 

100% FREE. No credit card required.

Get more customers

Most small business owners run around like headless chickens trying to do every form of marketing around. And they end up diluting their message.

Successful entrepreneurs concentrate on rocking just two or three channels, where they can effectively measure the return. What did they spend vs. what did they get back?

This also frees them up to better communicate with their existing database. There's gold in them hills. 

Get new customers, upsell current customers and get more referrals in just a few minutes a day. 

This is perfect for you if...

You're interested in self development and learning in general

You want to take your business to the next level

You're polite and professional but appreciate straight talk

You see marketing & mindset as an investment rather than a cost

This won't be right for you if...

You know it all already...

You don't like reading (or listening to audiobooks)

You think digital ads (like Facebook Ads) are a waste of time

You don't care about serving people well, and being rewarded for doing so

We've written a #1 bestseller all about this!

"This is written by people who know their stuff. Joel and Andy aren't just spouting theory - these are the methods they employ every day in their successful businesses." 
"Essential tips to improve your marketing business. Insightful, thought-provoking, and I particularly like the step-by-step approach. A must-read!"

Previous masterclass attendees...

100% FREE. No credit card required.

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